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You people are sick perverts. If you have children they should be taken away and you locked up for the rest of your life. Linda says August 1, at All the talk about what dad does seems irrelevant as its what mum does that counts. It isnt as if this is in some science fiction future; women have dommed men in family relationships since the year dot for goodness sake. The nagging always dissatisfied wife, the woman who runs the finances and keeps her husband under her heel is exactly that, a Dominant. Personally I think most families are FD — except, sadly, most women dont move onto the fun bits. But men love being told exactly what to do, how to dress, what to think.

Female Led Relationships

We are a private upscale membership club devoted to building and enhancing Loving Female Led Relationships between Dominant Women and the men who worship and adore them. What is a Female Led Relationship? Those who are in the process of completing their membership application are invited to attend dinners, high tea, social events and may RSVP and purchase tickets for these events.

Female led relationships – Page 2 – This is the place to discuss the ‘dating game‘ or ‘dating reality”, falling in love the second time again, what.

We field the question “how do I get started? What does it take to get started? Start with a self-assessment, follow with a conversation; then make a plan; then visualize FLR as you want it to be and you may get your wish. FLR should be a positive relationship lifestyle that benefits both mates. So much is made of FLR because porn and femdom have hijacked the term to mean something unattainable to anyone.

The motivation for the man is some kind of need — something he needs her help controlling, He needs something from her and your relationship he is not getting. It wraps itself in kink and desire but it is actually very simple, he needs some else to help him change because he is not content within himself. Behavior modification is a good tool but it requires willful participation from both of you. Degradation and humiliation cannot be undone without great pains and it is the opposite of relationship building and often damages the woman more than the man.

So keep it real, and positive, punishment is a useful tool when applied appropriately but degradation and humiliation never work in positive relationships These are real people looking for female led, wife led and girl friend led relationships — possibly even wife led marriage; couples wanting to connect and women wanting to meeting other women to share ideas.


By Femdom Erotica Leave a Comment She steps close enough that her skirts caress the heels of his boots. The smell of her perfume lightly swirls in the air around him. She is the only thing between him and the blade at his neck. His mouth has not yet been gagged. Her hand lightly brushes his shoulder, caresses the sleeve holding his arms in place.

Gary initiated the discussion of our considering a female led relationship by introducing some information from a website while Kathy liked the idea of having the final say on matters, she was initially uncomfortable with the word “obedience”, Gary being subservient to her, etc.

Channing hopped out of the car and made his way over to the other group of boys waiting for the bus. This was the first day of school and his first day at Hardin High. He had been eager all summer to go to high school. Planning and dreaming about it, he had almost driven me crazy with requests about what he could wear and how important it was that he fit in with the rest of the students.

I had to shake my head, he was so different than his older sisters. But I guess a lot had changed over the past three years. It tickled me that the boys and girls, so intently interested in the opposite sex, separated into their own clumps at almost every opportunity, boys huddled on one side of the street and girls on the other as they waited for the bus. Most parents hung back either in their cars or standing in their own group at the far end of the lane. We wanted to be sure the bus was on time and that our kids made it on their journey, but we tried to give our kids some space.

As I looked at the students, I could see what Channing was worried about, as almost everybody wore what had been decided as the cool look for that year. He certainly had adopted the clothes that defined his friends.

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By Femdom Erotica 4 Comments Sophia felt a rush of power. She knew he had lost sexual control as well as any concept of manhood. His legs were shaved like a woman, he no longer resisted being called a slut, and she now completely controlled his orgasms. Her plan had worked perfectly. The relationship she had envisioned was now completely in reach.

I have turned you into a slut.

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The idea that a married man would want his sweet, dotting angel of a wife to go out to the bar to pick up a random stud to give her the best lay of her life does sort of go against all that we cherish in a monogamous relationship. Almost without exception, the man is the one to first raise the idea of cuckolding. Others view the relationship as dead and that the man unconsciously wants a reason to leave.

Cuckolding is one of the many forms of psychological sexual masochism, although, not all men into cuckolding enjoy being humiliated. A minority of cuckolds purely enjoy the arousal of seeing, hearing, or thinking about their lover with another man. Even during times of monogamy, it was assumed that men would have mistresses and concubines until about forty to sixty years ago. A more likely source is Rome where the cultural norm was monogamy. While monogamy, polygyny one husband, many wives , and polyandry one wife, many husbands once all coexisted rather peacefully, once monogamy became intertwined with the spread of Christianity, it became cemented in most cultures.

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There are many couples who desire a relationship where the woman is in charge, and while there are many different levels of domination and submission, it is imperative that the woman takes command and puts strategies and practices in place to ensure the success of the relationship. These strategies may vary depending upon the particular couple and their individual situation.

They set the boundaries and enforce the roles of dominance and submission in the relationship, making it easier for the woman to maintain control. They also help the man to settle into and relish in his role as the submissive partner.

female led relationship The Hardest Part About This Blog. Class is not restricted by age. By far the pictures. I often find it difficult to find a picture depicting both elegance and female power. Most of the FemDom photos that can be found are vulgar to say the least. confidence, D/s romance, dating, Dating sites, desire, determination.

But, I do not recommend such books for your real life. My Fair Lady, would do more for your real life. If you are a submissive woman. And, sub or domme, female or male, you can learn a lot from reading real-life books like: Lot’s of detailed practical information. I Was A Teenage Dominatrix: A Memoir by Shawna Kenney. Young, broke, and miserable in crappy jobs to successful and empowered. Spanking some man who felt he needed it?

Train Male Children to Be Submissive

My first wife wanted to be taken care of. Basically my role was to work and hand over my paycheck twice a month. My second wife was very controlling and independent. I found myself cleaning the house and cooking and doing the yard and taking care of the cars and holding down a full time job Granted she was a real go getter on the job.

Sep 17,  · DOUBLE STANDARDS in male/female relationships, Relationships, replies Attractive Female Coworker made this statement about relationships today regarding men, Relationships, 53 replies Being “Submissive” In Relationships , Relationships, 59 replies.

Men and women entering into an FLR need a period of training for the man and the woman. For the man because he has a big adjustment to make and for the women because he has new responsibilities, the first of which is training her man to become that supportive, gentleman and servant she ways wanted. This book teaches that and takes the couple on a 26 week journey into their lifelong FLR. How will chastity and training make our relationship more successful?

Chastity is a training tool to create a transfer of authority from the man to the women while creating dependence, vulnerability and re-socialization in the man. Men in chastity for 3 weeks or so go into a more courtship mode, seeking physical contact with their mate. The insuring intimacy comes from his drive to win her again and again; just like when you were dating. What is in the book? The book is a 26 week long training course for him that places her in a teaching role.

There is little emphasis on punishment and lots of emphasis on positive reinforcement.

Ask a Guy: He Doesn’t Want a Relationship, Should I Just Walk Away?

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Female Led Relationship – The Alternative Brothers, any man reading this post that has considered, is thinking about or is in a female led relationship, know this: You are taking the WRONG path.

Message A female led relationship or FLR is a relationship many times BDSM in which the women are in a leading or dominant role and the man embraces her as the leader in their relationship. Women can be found in leading positions all around us, from executives at a company to leaders in the United Nations but we are discussing today are dynamics of men wanting women to lead them in their personal lives. There is no one side to a female led relationship.

Some men may be extremely successful and wealthy but would want to serve the lady in their life when at home. In a BDSM female led relationship, being led by a women moves even further from just letting her make all the decisions. It becomes extremely personal, erotic and fulfilling for both the man and woman who have now become a domme and submissive.

However, no matter what the stage of your FLR, it is always the woman who makes the decisions and sets the direction for your female led relationship. FLR in BDSM is governed by a certain set of terms which are agreed upon by the domme and submissive at the start of the relationship. Agreeing to rules is pivotal to a BDSM relationships success because it helps both to remain in the fantastical world of power exchange and acts as a base upon which the relationship is built.

BDSM is just one of many forms a female-led relationship can take. Even a BDSM relationship can take several forms based what the submissive and domme want. The level of a BDSM female ld relationship they choose would then determine the activities that take place in that power exchange arrangement. How committed is a submissive is determined by how loyal he is to the rules that were decided at the start of this female-led BDSM relationship.

If he breaks any rules a dominant can punish her submissive.

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By Samantha Love In Female Domination , Female Led Relationship 10 Comments I occasionally get emails from readers who have fantasized their whole lives about submitting to a dominant woman. I never ask because I already know the answer. In the spirit of the holiday season, where giving is a central theme, I decided to write a three part series on making your submissive fantasies come true. For a virgin kinkster, I can think of no better present to yourself than the gift of realizing some of your submissive fantasies.

Almost every submissive male is to some degree ashamed of his fetish. Our culture still assumes the man is to ask the girl out, initiate sex, ask for marriage, and lead the household.

Find Singles with POF Online Dating Personals Service Dominatrix Ms Piggy See more. I’m often asked what makes for a good female-led relationship. Well, there are really four things that bring about a happy female-led. Find this Pin and more on Female Led Relationships by Paddled Hard.

All subbies should remember: The process of the whole thing looked like this: I was lying comfortably on My bed and asking the questions to My slave who was kneeling on the floor in front of My face. I instructed him to be very honest and say whatever he really thinks. This way his presence on this blog is limited to zero, as it should be. Do you realize how lucky you are? Nothing comes for free, however, and such a privilege costs a lot.

Ground Rules For Submissive Men in A Female Led Relationship

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